St Mary's Catholic Primary School

‘One family united in Christ to be the best we can be’

Virtues and Values



Jesuit Virtues


St Mary’s supports the development of the whole child through the adoption of the Jesuit Pupil Profile (as directed by the Archdiocese of Birmingham).

The Pupil Profile is composed of 8 pairs of virtues that sum up how pupils (and staff) in our school should be living and how they should be learning.

Each half term the children focus on a new pair of virtues. In their classes the children and staff brainstorm what they believe are the actions and words of these virtues and the collective thoughts of our children about what these virtues mean to them.

It is our hope that we can support the children of St Mary’s, in partnership with the home and the Parish of Our Lady & St Benedict, to show these qualities in our work and play and to grow in understanding of their faith and themselves through reflection, prayer, discussion, academic work and collective worship.



Autumn 1

Compassionate and Loving

Autumn 2

Faith-filled and Hopeful

Spring 1

Eloquent and Truthful

Spring 2

Learned and Wise

Summer 1

Curious and Active

Summer 2

Intentional and Prophetic