St Mary's Catholic Primary School

‘One family united in Christ to be the best we can be’


“Music can change lives, whether you are having a good or a bad day, the power of music can change ones mood” Jess Bowen




Our aim is the enable each child to enjoy music and participate with enjoyment and enthusiasm and to develop a love of music.   We aim to broaden their understanding and appreciation of a wide range of different kinds of music, and to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make music.  We aim to develop skills, attitudes and attributes that can support learning in other areas of the curriculum.


Each class spends one term per year learning a group instrument:

Class 1: Rhythm and percussion

Class 2: Recorder

Class 3: Recorder

Class 4: Ukulele

Class 5: Saxophone


In addition, music lessons are available in school time with a peripatetic teacher from Warwickshire Music. Pupils in key stage two can choose from keyboard, guitar, recorder or drums at a cost of £60 per term.


For the last two years our choir has sang at Stratford Arts House with the African Children's Choir.




The National Curriculum Requirements


Key Stage 1


Pupils will be taught how to control sounds through singing and performing.  They will be given opportunities to create and develop their musical ideas and learn how to review and respond to their own and others work.  During this Key stage children will learn to engage with different genres of music by listening to recordings and live performances.


Key Stage 2


Children will continue to build upon the basic skills they have already acquired in Key Stage 1.  Children will be given the opportunities to develop their performing skills and their ability to sing in unison and in two parts.  Children will be given the opportunies to see and take part in live performances within the school environment and within the wider community. 


Teaching and Learning methods


We use the key skills document to ensure all children have a wide experience of music.  Teachers use this document to plan a variety of lessons and cover the key skills the children in each age group need to aquire. 

Children have opportunities to participate in musical instrumental lessons, singing in choirs and other performances led by Warwickshire County Music Services.


We aim to develop each child to their full potential.  All children with special needs irrespective of their abilities, will have equal access to the Music Curriculum, using a variety of strategies to ensure their participation.