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Maths at St. Mary's


At St. Mary’s, we love maths! We recognise that mathematics is an integral part of daily life as well as a foundation skill to many other disciplines. Along with mathematical knowledge and understanding, children are taught in a way that develops their determination and perseverance. We believe that every child is capable of achieving great things in maths and teachers are passionate about approaching maths from creative angles to suit and engage all students. Throughout year in maths, our pupils enjoy games, friendly competitions, pupil led investigations, practical activities and mathematical art. Please see examples of the maths activities we get up to in the pictures below. 

Exploring making numbers in different ways in Key Stage 1.


Making patterns in Reception.



Lots of investigations and games in lower Key Stage 2.



Alongside the basic skills that lie within the curriculum objectives, children are also taught deepen their understanding through lessons and activities that focus on questioning, reasoning and problem solving. Every lesson provides challenge for every child. 


At St Mary's, we use the White Rose maths scheme. This approach makes sure all children have the same opportunities to learn and the support they need to fully grasp concepts, whilst also having fun and finding enjoyment and opportunities for creativity in number problems.  We ensure we adapt our teaching of the mathematics curriculum to meet the needs of all of our children, providing greater depth opportunities, support and intervention where needed, ensuring that all children make good progress and achieve their best.


You can find information about our maths curriculum and coverage in the links below. Our calculation policy provides an overview of how key skills in maths are taught in each year group. Please be advised that these plans are flexible and subject to change based on teacher judgement and the needs of individual classes and children.



Calculation Policy