St Mary's Catholic Primary School

‘One family united in Christ to be the best we can be’


At St. Mary's we recognise that mathematics is an integral part of daily life as well as a foundation skill to many other disciplines. Along with mathematical knowledge and understanding, children are taught in a way that develops their determination and perseverance to engage in productive struggle understanding the notion that mathematical capability grows from hard work and practice rather than being a predetermined ability. We believe that every child is capable of achieving great things in maths and our teachers are passionate about unlocking the beauty and creativity that lies within mathematics.


Alongside the basic skills that lie within the curriculum objectives, children are also taught deepen their understanding through a pedagogy that focusses on questioning, reasoning and problem solving; every lesson is a challenge for every child. We do not believe in tricks and cheats – we believe in deep conceptual understanding that allows children to understand the purpose and value of mathematics in the modern world. 


Content displayed below is a broad outline of the areas of maths taught in each year group. The three main aims of the National Curriculum: fluency, reasoning and problem solving encompass every lesson in every year group and are a constant focus for teaching. 


Maths Vocabulary from EYFS to Year 6